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​We are not a franchise. Our overhead is low.

Our rates are very competitive and affordable compared to other companies.


Select a Plan

Our rates depends on the level of care, numbers of hours, location and other factors.


As of May 1, 2019













      A minimum of

     4 hours per visit.


      4 - 6 hours : $30.00/ hr

  7 - 11 hours : $28.00/ hr

12 hours : $26.00/ hr


12 hours : $24.00/ hr


(16 hours work)

Ranges from $400.00 - $450.00/ day

*State of California requires all Caregivers must have meal breaks, personal breaks, and 8 hours uninterrupted sleep per day. 

If NOT, Two 12-hour shifts may apply.

Rates are subject to change

based on Level of Care, Location, City ordinance, Condition, State and Dept. of Labor increase on Minimum Wage.

Call us for a FREE assessment and a quote.

Ask about couple-client discounts.

Heavier care needs or special cases may have additional fees.


House cleaning services are also available.