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As of: JANUARY 1, 2021

Select a Plan



$30.00/ hr

(8 hrs or more)

$35.00/ hr

(4 hours minimum visit)

Due to COVID19, manpower might be limited. Pls. call 925-457-0720


$480.00/ day

LIVE IN is 16 hours of work.

* State of California requires all Caregivers must have meal breaks, personal breaks, and 8 hours uninterrupted sleep per day. 

If NOT, Two 12-hour shifts may apply.

Rates are subject to change

based on Level of Care, Care requirement, Location, City ordinance, Condition, State and Dept. of Labor increase on Minimum Wage.

Call us for a FREE assessment.

Ask about couple-client discounts.

Heavier care needs or special cases may have additional fees.

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