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Original post : Feb. 27, 2020

Being informed is the first step to protect yourself, our loved ones, our elderlies against Coronavirus COVID19

We continue to support and protect our Clients and Staff. We support wearing masks, practice social distancing, washing hands and other guidelines from county and state officials.
Update: 6/3/2020 COVID19 Testings could be available in your area. Click here.
Update: 5/27/2020 4th round of PPE supplies provided to Clients and Care Providers.
Update: 4/27/2020 3rd round of PPE supplies provided to Clients and Care Providers.
Update: 4/3/2020 Paid Sick Leave available, HERO Bonus available to Care Providers.
Update: 3/21/2020 updated badges available. 2nd round of PPE supplies provided.
Update: 3/20/2020 Official COVID-19 Training available, pls contact your Administrator for details.
Update: 3/19/2020 Better Days distributes letters to Care Provides to serve as Essential Activity Pass. 
Update: 3/19/2020 Gov. Newsom announces lockdown. Better Days services are ESSENTIAL services.
Update: 3/7/2020 CDC/ WHO Posters are now available. Limited PPE provided.

Novel coronavirus, COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

From what health officials know now, most people who become infected with COVID-19 will not become seriously ill and will not need hospitalization. However, older people, and those with underlying medical problems are more likely to develop serious illness. While the investigation into how the disease spreads and how to stop is ongoing, it’s important to keep in mind that other illnesses, such as the flu, continue to infect more people worldwide than COVID-19.

Better Days Provider encourages all Care Providers to be cautious and be informed. We will continue to monitor any updated information from the authorities. 


For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please refer to the updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Information, Symptoms of coronavirus can be found on these posters:

CORONAVIRUS GUIDE stop spread.png
CORONAVIRUS COVID19-symptoms.png

Protection/ Washing Hands


Sources: Center for Disease Control Prevention, World Health Organization

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