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2022 Rate Increase - What you need to know

Effective January 1, 2022, our rates have increased.

Why is BetterDays asking for a rate increase?

Our primary reason is to make sure we are in compliance of State of California Labor Laws in terms of hourly wages, overtime, double-overtime, holiday pay, meal breaks. Due to this, operating costs will also increase that will include taxes, insurance, and operating costs.

When was the last time BetterDays asked for an increase?

There are some cases where we asked an increase last year January 1, 2021. There are cases where we still charge a client the same rate as what we originally charged them several years ago - two to three years ago or more. 

What are the other factors we can expect if there are any rate increases?

Level of care will be the primary reason. If the level of care is more advance or heavier than when we started we might ask for an additional fee but most of the time we dont.

Is this a yearly rate increase?

We hope NOT. It all depends on the State requirements if they will issue another set of revised regulations. We understand this is costly. We are trying our best to help re-negotiate with caregivers to keep the cost down.

Compare to other companies, is BetterDays rate more expensive?

We have two answers: Yes and No.

Yes - we are more expensive compared to our competitors. But we value the quality of work we provide. Its not always an easy ride, but we try our best always.

No - our options and solutions are still way cost effective than other companies and market players. 

Where does our payment usually go?

Most of what you pay goes to the Care Provider.

Our overhead is low. We do not have unnecessary employees in our office. So most of your pay goes to the Care Provider(s). 

What do you do to your Care Provider?

Besides paying them properly, we treat them right, we take good care of them. 

Competitive Wages

Compliant Hourly Wages

Compliant Overtime

Double Overtime

Holiday Pay


Incentive and Performance Bonuses

Cash Advance Programs


Kaiser Health Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance


Paid Time Off (PTO)

Continuous Education

COVID State/ County required compensation

FFCRA (Covid Related)

Direct Deposit Payments

Where can I get a copy of the 2022 Rate Chart?

If you are an existing Client, it should be on your email or regular mail. If you didn't receive it, please contact us and we will re-send you a copy.

If you have other questions and we missed to answer them, please contact us to discuss this by phone or in person.


(925) 457-0720

We understand this is difficult. We expect you have questions. Let's work together on this.

Thank you so much and we appreciate your continued support.

Bach Pregil

Better Days Provider

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